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D ATA S H E E T Security That Keeps Up With Your Evolving Infrastructure Threat Stack lets companies address security early on — even as they make major changes to their inf rastructure. Development and Opera ons teams are constantly evolving their technology to accelerate velocity and reduce costs, leading to an explosion of increasingly abstracted infrastructure, such as containers, container orchestra on, and serverless infrastructure. While this abstrac on lowers opera onal complexity, it also reduces visibility and increases a ack vulnerability — pu ng organiza ons at risk. Threat Stack is designed to adapt as deployment architectures change, and with modern DevOps toolchains in mind. Security Throughout Your Infrastructure Once infrastructure is up and running, it's harder to secure it. Implemen ng effec ve security monitoring from the get-go gives both Security and Opera ons teams the oversight needed to support the evolu on of infrastructure. Plus, the faster this collabora on can help address compliance and customer requirements, the sooner security can add value instead of posing opera onal burdens. Learn From Experts Who Understand Infrastructure Risk With any technology, there is always a new set of security standards and best prac ces to learn. Threat Stack offers exper se to help you understand how to build security into your infrastructure, whatever its level of complexity. The Threat Stack Cloud Security Pla orm® integrates with Docker and offers specific container rulesets, which give you visibility into risky behavior. Addi onally, with the Cloud SecOps Program SM , a Threat Stack cloud security expert can help you automate security into your DevOps processes to make it a natural part of your workflows. Improve Your DevOps Proccesses with Data As you make changes to your infrastructure and DevOps processes, Threat Stack can show you how changes to Development and Opera ons processes are impac ng your infrastructure, and whether they are introducing risk. Companies o en feel like they need to make tradeoffs for opera onal complexity and visibility. Cloud & On-Prem Servers Docker Kubernetes Virtual Server Workloads Workloads in Containers Container Orchestration Managed Containers ECS High Visibility and Control High Operational Complexity Lower Visibility, Larger Threat Surface Lower Operational Complexity EKS

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