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Monitor the connec ons between containers to ensure that applica ons are behaving securely Know when new Docker images are pulled or run, and by whom Iden fy anomalous user, process, and file behaviors in containerized environments Monitor for unauthorized changes to Docker configura on files Deployment Options The Threat Stack server agent has mul ple deployment op ons that provide Security and Opera ons teams with consistent host-level visibility into virtual servers and container services. • Deploy to EC2 manually via apt or yum, or using Chef, Puppet, Salt, or Ansible. • When running your own Docker containers on EC2, the Threat Stack agent provides visibility into containers using the Docker API. The same visibility holds true when adding Kubernetes orchestra on to this architecture. • Threat Stack supports AWS container orchestra on services like ECS and EKS by deploying a containerized version of the server agent as part of an ECS cluster or Kubernetes pod. • A containerized version of the Threat Stack agent is available on Docker Hub. For added convenience, the containerized agent can be added to Kubernetes daemonsets to automate deployment. While the agent is deployed as its own container, it will maintain the same in-depth visibility and func onality as host-based Threat Stack agents. With Threat Stack for Containers, you can: Puppet + DORA's 2017 State of DevOps Report found that "integrating security into software delivery work" was one of five factors supporting an organization's continuous delivery efforts. Findings on high-performing organizations "point to the need to involve security and quality teams in the development process early and often." PUPPET STATE OF DEVOPS REPORT 2017 " " 55 Summer Street, Boston, MA 02110 1+ 617.337.4270 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Threat Stack can help you address the latest security threats and compliance standards. Visit us at to learn more or request a demo. Threat Stack enables growth-driven companies to scale securely and meet complex cloud security needs by iden fying and verifying insider threats, external a acks, and data loss in real me. Purpose-built for today's infrastructure, the Threat Stack Cloud Security Pla orm and Cloud SecOps Program combine con nuous security monitoring and risk assessment to empower security and opera ons teams to be er manage risk and compliance across their en re infrastructure, including cloud, hybrid-cloud, mul -cloud, and containerized environments. COPYRIGHT ©2018 THREAT STACK, INC. / TS-DATA-EVOLVING-INFRASTRUCTURE-2018-4

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