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across the organiza on along the same secure mindset. With Threat Stack handling the ini al analysis and aler ng on security events, Anna no longer needed to hire an addi onal security analyst. "Security hires are expensive," Anna noted, "but with Threat Stack's granular visibility into the environment, we can now enable our extended security team — the rest of the organiza on — with confidence." ZoomInfo leveraged Threat Stack's host-based intrusion detec on capabili es, combined with its Rapid Baselining to quickly and accurately tune alerts and iden fy anomalous ac vity — thereby enabling the team to take a proac ve approach to security. "We have integrated Threat Stack with Slack to ensure that we have eyes on an alert as soon as it occurs," says Anna, "enabling the team to remediate immediately on any poten ally malicious ac vity." Externally, Threat Stack proved invaluable in ZoomInfo's Type 1 and 2 SOC 2 audits. For Type 1, "We used Threat Stack extensively to grab data, find par cular ar facts, and provide the auditors with proof that we have proper infrastructure monitoring in place." Threat Stack was also key in ZoomInfo's Type 2 audit: "Our auditor was pleased that Threat Stack was s ll integrated into our opera ons," Anna recalled, "and this assured him that the majority of the monitoring standards for Type 2 were covered." For Type 2, any alert trends that pointed towards anomalous ac vity stuck out like a sore thumb for Anna's team. Threat Stack has become an integral part of ZoomInfo's incident response workflows, which is a huge win for GDPR compliance and bringing on bigger customers. For the required 72-hour no fica on rule in GDPR, the real- me aler ng with granular context around exactly what happened will be key for Anna and her team. As ZoomInfo brings on bigger customers, "Threat Stack will be integral in the security review process," Anna said, "and as our company grows, we'll be able to move upmarket, confidently knowing that we can sa sfy any security ques onnaires that come our way." Final Words As ZoomInfo moves upmarket, Anna con nuously strengthens the organiza on's security policies and processes using Threat Stack. "Our database contains informa on that is highly desirable to an a acker, and protec ng it from abuse to ensure that the data privacy rights of the people in it are being followed is an absolute top priority for our organiza on," Anna pointed out. She and her team go above and beyond to make sure everything is encrypted in transit and at rest, that sessions cannot be hijacked when a user is logged in, and that when an individual requests that their informa on be wiped from the ZoomInfo database, they respond and take immediate measures to make sure the data is completely removed. As a company, "Security has been a huge enabler for our overall growth," Anna noted, "and leveraging Threat Stack, we have made leaps and bounds to reach full enterprise status." 55 Summer Street, Boston, MA 02110 1+ 617.337.4270 Threat Stack enables businesses of all sizes to securely leverage the benefits of cloud compu ng by iden fying and verifying insider threats, external a acks, and data loss in real me. Purpose built for today's infrastructure, Threat Stack's comprehensive intrusion detec on pla orm combines con nuous security monitoring and risk assessment to help companies gain an unparalleled level of visibility at the speed and scale of today's business. Located in Boston, Massachuse s, Threat Stack works with nearly 400 security-minded customers. For more informa on or to start a free trial, visit COPYRIGHT ©2018 THREAT STACK, INC. / TS-CASE-ZOOMINFO-2018-2 "With Threat Stack's granular visibility into the environment, we can now enable our extended security team — the rest of the organization — with confidence." ANNA ORLOVE, Security Solutionist, ZoomInfo

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