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Respond immediately to security incidents before they turn into a breach Unlike monitoring solu ons with consultants piecing together fragmented data behind them, Threat Stack experts leverage the automa on, real- me aler ng, and unparalleled inves ga ve capabili es of the Threat Stack Pla orm, meaning you'll be no fied faster and given more ac onable context to address a poten al incident—in many cases helping you respond before it becomes a breach. B A S E L I N E M O N I TO R O P T I M I Z E Your Cloud SecOps Strategy Understand the current maturity of your SecOps prac ces Monitor your ongoing progress and receive ongoing advisement to work toward your goals Set and achieve tangible goals to integrate security and opera ons Your Threat Stack Pla orm Experience Gain visibility into your environment and understand current risky behavior pa erns Manage and triage alerts; no fy you of suspicious behavior Understand and priori ze Pla orm data in the context of your environment 55 Summer Street, Boston, MA 02110 1+ 617.337.4270 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Threat Stack can help you address the latest security threats and compliance standards. Request a demo today or visit us at Threat Stack enables businesses of all sizes to securely leverage the benefits of cloud compu ng by iden fying and verifying insider threats, external a acks, and data loss in real me. Purpose built for today's infrastructure, Threat Stack's comprehensive intrusion detec on pla orm combines con nuous security monitoring and risk assessment to help companies gain an unparalleled level of visibility at the speed and scale of today's business. Located in Boston, Massachuse s, Threat Stack works with nearly 400 security-minded customers. For more informa on or to start a free trial, visit COPYRIGHT ©2018 THREAT STACK, INC. / TS-DATA-CLOUDSECOPS-2018-3 Your Journey to Secure Operations The Threat Stack SecOps Maturity Program gives you the technology and exper se you need to integrate Security and Opera ons - without recrui ng hard-to-find talent. Our Threat Stack Experts will help you to: Get Access to Threat Stack Cloud Security and Operations Experts Your Threat Stack Cloud Security Architect will work with you to map your maturity and oversee your goals. Threat Stack CSAs are experienced security leaders with deep knowledge of security and opera ons strategy. A Threat Stack Security Engineer will op mize and monitor your Threat Stack Pla orm. Threat Stack SEs are highly technical security professionals with deep exper se of Threat Stack's technology and IT opera ons - so they can help you get the most of your data in the context of your unique environment. A Threat Stack Customer Success Manager will oversee your en re program, so you get a cohesive experience.

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