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CASE STUDY About Sigstr Challenge CHALLENGES: Sigstr needed to build a secure and scalable architecture for its young B2B SaaS application. SOLUTIONS: Sigstr leveraged Threat Stack and AWS to create a highly available and secure cloud environment. BENEFITS: Sigstr is able to shorten sales cycles and bolster customer trust, while rapidly growing and evolving its competitive offerings. Sigstr is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that helps marketers utilize the previously untapped sale conversion potential of email signatures. It provides a central control platform that optimizes a company's employee email signatures for conversion. Sigstr takes a modern approach to running their SaaS platform by operating fully on AWS. Experiencing Startup Growing Pains Sigstr knew from the start that the key to its success as a modern SaaS organization would be high availability and stringent, verifiable security. In a B2B setting, proving data security to prospects plays a big role in whether a conversion is made. According to Sam Smith, Chief Architect at Sigstr, "Having a product that plays in corporate email, we are subjected to a lot more security scrutiny than other startup companies." Sigstr's prospects understand the value and meaning of cloud security, with a clear difference between the security of the underlying data center (i.e., AWS) and that of the data stored within it. Current and potential customers wanted proof that their data would be secure before trusting a third party with it. Sigstr could provide this proof in the form of a satisfactory Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 report. Unfortunately, the company wasn't in a position to achieve that, due to low visibility in its operating environment. With a small security ops team, fixing this problem internally wasn't a practical option. On the sales side, the team was regularly being asked about security and infrastructure monitoring and couldn't provide potential customers with informed answers which both slowed down and stopped deals. Sam needed a way to solve both of these and recognized that a host-based intrusion detection system would address them. Sigstr Builds Trust and Wins Business through Security

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