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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY To be er understand why SecOps has stalled out, we recently surveyed a group of development, opera ons, and security professionals about their a tudes toward security. We found a huge gap between intent and reality when it comes to prac cing SecOps. Most organiza ons agree that everyone should be responsible for security, but this principle is not being upheld in day-to-day prac ce. The majority of organizations are, at least in practice, willing to sacrifice security at the altar of speed. As long as this is the case, the long-held dream of marrying DevOps and Security simply won't come true. And that's bad news for everyone. In this report, we examine why the vision for SecOps hasn't become a reality at most organiza ons. We look at specific obstacles and a tudes to illuminate what is standing in the way, even at organiza ons where a stronger security posture is an explicitly stated goal. This report explores these struggles and provides ac onable steps for ge ng security and opera ons be er aligned at your organiza on. If there is no struggle, there is no progress. FREDERICK DOUGLASS, 1857 " " B R I D G I N G T H E G A P B E T W E E N S E C O P S I N T E N T A N D R E A L I T Y 0 3

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