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Scale your infrastructure, securely. When you're deploying and auto-provisioning servers in the cloud, you can't afford to spend me thinking about adding security controls to each one before it spins up. Threat Stack's lightweight agent can be pre-baked into your AMI or deployed using your configura on management tool, using our readily available integra ons. The Threat Stack pla orm is also en rely cloud-based, which means you won't need to install a collector with each of your agents, saving you the me and expense associated with spinning up addi onal servers to run your security solu on. Gain visibility across all of your cloud and on-premise infrastructure. The barrier for your team to add new servers and so ware has never been lower, while the compe on to add new features has never been ghter. Many SaaS companies have mul ple public cloud accounts, hybrid infrastructure, and more so ware and automated processes than they can keep up with — making it difficult to keep track of their a ack surface, much less secure it. With Threat Stack, you can monitor your cloud infrastructure configura on and events through direct integra on to your AWS accounts and also gain visibility into your server inventory and coverage through our host-based agent. Once you have visibility, you can start priori zing your risk reduc on. Keep pace with rapid development cycles. In an increasingly compe ve world, SaaS companies need to be responsive to customer needs by con nually adding and adjus ng features. As companies adopt DevOps and release so ware daily or hourly, security can no longer put me-intensive security checks in place that create bo lenecks for development and opera ons. Threat Stack was designed so development and opera ons teams can automate and innovate as fast as they'd like, while maintaining security and compliance requirements. Threat Stack is Built for the Modern Infrastructure That SaaS Companies Use. • Cloud Na ve SaaS Pla orm doesn't require you to spin up addi onal servers. • Host-Based, Behavioral Detec on gives you complete visibility into your perimeterless environment. • Lightweight Agent acts like a kernel module, but runs in user space — helping maintain stability and limi ng CPU usage. • Auto Scaling Technology enables you to grow your business, securely. • Integra ons with AWS, Docker, configura on management tools, VictorOps, Slack, and more. "Threat Stack can handle our rapid approach to deployment. We don't deploy code to an exis ng server. Instead, we spin up a new microservice on a new server, go through the configura on management process, and tear down the old server. Threat Stack helps us throughout this process." 55 Summer Street, Boston, MA 02110 1+ 617 337 4270 COPYRIGHT © 2018 THREAT STACK, INC. / IS-SAASSECURITY-2018-3 Jarrod Sexton, Lead Informa on Security Engineer, Genesys T H R E AT S TA C K I S T R U S T E D B Y T H E W O R L D ' S M O S T I N N O VAT I V E S A A S B U S I N E S S E S

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