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Q U I C K R E F E R E N C E As a security, technology, or product leader, you need to separate fact from fic on so you can devise a realis c plan for your SaaS business' security and compliance. YO U G E T A S K E D When will we be GDPR compliant? GDPR H O W T H R E AT S TA C K C A N H E L P Within the GDPR guidance, two of the biggest and most addressable opera onal changes are: • Ar cle25:Crea ng a secure design by default Integra onwithconfigura onmanagement toolsletsThreatStackusersdeployitsagent bydefaultintonewinstances. • Ar cle33:Le ng the correct par es know about a data breach within 72 hours of finding it Con nuoussecuritymonitoringandreal- mealer ngimmediatelyno fyateam aboutanyanomalousbehavior—allowing themtoevaluatetheseverityofthealert andwhetherac onneedstobetaken. T H E R E A L I T Y This is an upgrade to exis ng regula ons, and in the long term it will be beneficial to have a harmonized approach to data privacy laws throughout the EU as the business world becomes more cloud-centric. Part of the difficulty with GDPR, however, is understanding the vague nature of its requirements, which leave much to interpreta on. R E C O M M E N D E D A C T I O N • Obtain advice from legal/compliance professionals. • Create a data flow map across so ware and infrastructure. • Ensure that you are crea ng an evidence trail that will demonstrate your efforts to align with GDPR parameters. 1 5 Security & Compliance Issues Your SaaS Company Should Be Prepared for in 2018

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