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About Allocadia Allocadia develops Marke ng Performance Management so ware that helps organiza ons build more aligned marke ng plans, track spend accurately, and measure impact on the business. As one customer puts it, "Allocadia lets me run more efficiently so I can do marke ng more effec vely." Sabino Marquez, Allocadia's Chief Informa on Security Officer, takes a very business-minded approach to security, and believes that "the real job of a CISO goes beyond just being the guardian of the organiza on's data and infrastructure and includes being the curator of the company's security story — which is the sum of a company's efforts around asset defense, mee ng compliance, customer, insurance, and market criteria, and implemen ng security technologies that keep valued assets safe." According to Sabino, the modern CISO must recognize security as a revenue enabler for the en re organiza on. As such, a good security story not only helps improve internal opera ons, but also op mizes the sales process, and builds trust with customers — which is essen al when you're handling their sensi ve data. Building the right security stack is a founda onal ac vity, and for Sabino, Threat Stack has been integral in suppor ng Allocadia's security story. Allocadia's Challenge Sabino recognized that not having the right security stack was a barrier to his company's growth. Whether it was event analysis and response, faster sales cycles, or fric on during compliance audits and vendor due diligence reviews, Allocadia needed a shi in tools and culture in order to build a strong security story. Opera onally, Sabino's team was at a disadvantage. Prior to Threat Stack, they relied on manual analysis of definition-triggered alerts to iden fy anomalous ac vity. The process was me consuming and fraught with challenges. C A S E S T U DY Allocadia Quick Facts F O U N D E D 2010 H E A D Q U A R T E R S Vancouver, BC I N D U S T R Y Marke ng Technology C U S T O M E R S 150+ How Allocadia Uses Threat Stack to Build its Security Story

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