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Lean Cloud Security: Your Guide to SecOps Efficiency in the Cloud

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16 SUMMARY AND NEXT STEPS SUMMARY AND NEXT STEPS Does everything we've said above sound like a lot to do? Not really. Each step in se ng up a Lean Cloud Security program in the cloud is designed to flow logically and smoothly to the next. With just the right amount of resources and effort, you will drive strongly toward your goals. At the outset we said Lean Cloud Security prac ces are not only about good security but support good business as well. The business value and ROI of Lean Cloud Security opera ons are easy to see. When resources are aligned and Ops and Security are integrated, processes become streamlined, me to market is reduced, and a significant compe ve advantage is created. When security is easy to demonstrate, it becomes a business enabler that opens new market channels, shortens sales cycles, and furthers the organiza on's business objec ves — all while providing security that protects your cri cal assets. Ul mately, security processes are just specialized business processes, and as such, any improvement you make to these will make your business faster, stronger, be er. For small and mid-sized companies, Lean Cloud Security opera ons are an opportunity to turn ini al limita ons into an opportunity to "Move Mountains," as Steve Jobs said. **** "Security talent is just not there to be hired, and even if it were, we needed an automated solu on that could rapidly do the first round of analysis, so we could then make risk-based business decisions based on clear, structured evidence of what was actually happening throughout the stack. Threat Stack pulls Development, Opera ons, and Security together. Now we have security throughout our organiza on, regardless of department. Instead of Security, Opera ons, and Development, we have OpSec, ProdSec, and DevSec." — Sabino Marquez, CISO, Allocadia SUMMARY AND NEXT STEPS To learn how we can address your security and compliance requirements, contact us for a demo of Threat Stack's comprehensive intrusion detec on pla orm.

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