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1 GUIDE TO THE PEOPLE, PROCESSES, & TECHNOLOGIES THAT DEFINE MODERN INTRUSION DETECTION The cloud has evolved drama cally over the last few years. Unfortunately, a tudes and prac ces surrounding cloud security have not always evolved as quickly. As a result, many organiza ons that need modern cloud security are laboring behind a cloud of myths — unable to clearly define their requirements and match them to technology solu ons and best prac ces that will enable them to operate securely at speed and scale in the cloud. Our goal in this eBook is to clean up the landscape by bus ng 14 of the myths that we encounter most frequently when speaking with prospects about intrusion detec on (and, more broadly, cloud security) for modern environments. Once we have dispelled the myths and presented the facts, we believe you will have the insights needed to create a cloud security strategy that is suited for your organiza on and incorporates technologies and prac ces that will strengthen your security posture, op mize workloads, and help drive your top-level business objec ves. Our main goals are to help you: • Transform your security approach from one that was suited to on-prem environments (a data center mindset) to one that will ensure success with modern cloud infrastructures • See security as an investment that addresses key security concerns at the same me that it adds business value throughout your organiza on • Understand why modern intrusion detec on offers the best protec on in a cloud environment and why a comprehensive cloud-na ve intrusion detec on pla orm (IDP) will provide the best defense against a acks, insider threats, and data loss while enabling you to operate and scale at cloud speed INTRODUCTION

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