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Security Vendor Assessment Worksheet - 2 Pages

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Quick Self-Evaluation Start by answering the following ques ons. What are your organiza on's objec ves, requirements, resources, skills, and experience with security? Does your company have a security policy, and how experienced is your company in cloud security? Does your organiza on have a dedicated security team? How knowledgeable and experienced are your resources? Have you iden fied specific security objec ves and requirements and put them into a plan that's both strategic and tac cal? Who do you need to align with inside your organiza on? Solution and Vendor Evaluation Now, proceed to ask your vendors the following ques ons to map reality to your needs. Q1: "Will the product support my organiza on throughout a risk-management lifecycle (i.e., through risk iden fica on, risk assessment, risk mi ga on, and risk monitoring)? What specific func onality does the product provide to cover this?" Our Analysis: A risk management strategy based on "trust but verify" is an excellent security approach when coupled with a comprehensive intrusion detec on pla orm that supports your organiza on's business objec ves — especially the need to operate at cloud speed and the need to scale. Q2: "Will this product help my organiza on achieve security or just compliance?" Our Analysis: Being compliant does not equal being secure. Even if compliance is the reason you're shopping for a new vendor, why not reduce risk while you're at it? If you buy the cheapest op on just to check a box, you're not ge ng much leverage from your tech dollars. It's far be er to buy a solu on that will help you with compliance and also provide security at cri cal points throughout your environment to keep your data and systems secure. Security Vendor Assessment Worksheet If you've been tasked with evalua ng cloud security vendors, this assessment is your star ng point. Use it to call a en on to the security needs of your organiza on, then match those criteria with the best-fit solu on. SECURITY VENDOR ASSESSMENT WORKSHEET

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