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1. Have you iden fied specific security objec ves and requirements? Yes No Somewhat 3. Do your security prac ces align with the regulatory or internal compliance needs of the organiza on? Yes No Somewhat 5. Are you able to quan fy risk across all of your public cloud accounts? Yes No Somewhat 7. Can you quickly see at any given me all of the instances your opera ons team has spun up? Yes No I don't know 9. Do you monitor your cloud hosts for anomalous user, process, and file ac vity? Yes No Some mes 11. Do you have an incident response plan in place? Yes No Some mes 13. When an incident occurs are you able to easily correlate events at the infrastructure and the host level to be er understand what happened? Yes No I don't know 2. Do you have infrastructure security policies in place? Yes and they are managed me culously No I think so, but they are not followed 4. Are you SOC 2 compliant? Yes No Not applicable to us 6. Is your produc on network segmented from your corporate, QA and development environments? Yes No Somewhat 8. Do you monitor your cloud hosts for risky misconfigura ons? Yes No Some mes 10. What kind of intrusion detec on are you currently using? Host Based/Behavioral Network/Signature Based None 12. When a security incident happens, how long does it typically take to iden fy what happened and how you should proceed to resolve it? Minutes Days Hours How Secure is Your Cloud Infrastructure? Take the assessment below to find out. CLOUD INFRASTRUCTURE SECURITY ASSESSMENT

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