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No Cost Cloud Security Practices Checklist

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NO COST CLOUD SECURITY PRACTICES CHECKLIST Security is hard, but not impossible. Embed the thinking early; make it muscle memory. Implement security collabora vely with your teams. Use this checklist as a guide for securing your cloud environment, infrastructure, workloads and users at low cost. YOUR CLOUD ENVIRONMENT o Review and close access to S3 buckets * o Manage SG layers and start with a restric ve model for all services o Ensure all users have MFA enabled o Enable AWS CloudTrail in all regions * o Give IAM policy with least privileged access o Give roles for integra ons o Secure private and public subnets YOUR INFRASTRUCTURE o Subscribe to security lists and track them within your cke ng systems in order to priori ze CVEs and manage systems o Priori ze upda ng your OS and core components o Destroy instances touched by humans, if possible o Build instances as part of your CI/CD pipeline for deploying your so ware o Curate your base images for system updates o Stay current on LTS/ similar OS distribu ons YOUR USERS AND WORKLOADS o Review logins to track root logins and privilege escala ons, especially from the WAN o Review other common non-root WAN logins from so ware or services o Review human and services accounts constantly o Keep service accounts isolated and with the least amount of privilege as possible TO TAKE SECURITY TO THE NEXT STEP, GET IN TOUCH | GO.THREATSTACK.COM/DEMO * For AWS users only.

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