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Implementing High-Velocity Security Best Practices

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Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is growing rapidly, but cloud compu ng requires a much more sophis cated security than tradi onal perimeter-based compu ng. Cloud-based infrastructure requires modern security and a so ware-only approach. While Amazon provides and secures the basic infrastructure (locks on data centers, restricted access to hardware, etc.), it is your responsibility to secure the data that runs on it. Today the most common threats to your cloud infrastructure include data loss, insider threats, external threats, zero-day a acks and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). Keeping data secure in the cloud requires con nuous yet agile monitoring. Also essen al is the ability to contextualize data to provide insight into breaches and poten al threats. Threat Stack agents are op mally posi oned to oversee system ac vity and record ac vity history. Like SIEM, Threat Stack aggregates events, but it also stores all events to provide a richer context for your threat analysis. This enables you to re-play events, even from machines that no longer exist. Threat Stack understands that no two companies running in AWS are exactly alike. We've designed our service offerings to provide the ul mate in flexibility when selec ng a con nuous security monitoring solu on for your organiza on. Choose from three applica on packages (basic, advanced, pro) based on your needs and feature set. Next select a storage op on, offered in 2-, 7-, 10-, 15-, and 30- day data reten on periods. Finally, decide whether you want to manage the service yourself or put Threat Stack's team of experts to work for you by adding our managed security service, Oversight. Whether you're a small, early-stage startup, established fast-growing SaaS brand, or a large enterprise transi oning over to the cloud, Threat Stack has you covered every step of the way so you can scale with confidence. [1] h p://www.zdnet.com/ar cle/aws-with-more-than-1-million-ac ve-customers-were-your-stack/. [2] h p://www.pcworld.com/ar cle/2365602/hacker-puts-full-redundancy-codehos ng-firm-out-of-business.html [3] h p://www.informa on-age.com/technology/cloud-and-virtualisa on/123458406/catastrophe-cloud-what-aws-hacks-mean-cloud-providers [4] h ps://blog.gaborszathmari.me/2015/09/07/creden als-in-the-ashley-madison-sources/ [5] h p://www.pcworld.com/ar cle/2981226/creden als-stored-in-ashley-madisons-source-code-might-have-helped-a ackers.html [6] h p://www.symantec.com/connect/blogs/does-malware-s ll-detect-virtual-machines [7] h ps://aws.amazon.com/security/security-bulle ns/zeus-botnet-controller/ [8] h ps://securityintelligence.com/media/2014-ponemon-study-economic-impact-advanced-persistent-threats-apts/ Scale Your Business WITH CONFIDENCE 09 T O L E A R N M O R E O R S TA R T A F R E E T R I A L Visit ThreatStack.com

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