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Implementing High-Velocity Security Best Practices

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It's no surprise that as more businesses move to the cloud, Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) is growing rapidly along with it. IaaS allows businesses to improve efficiency, reduce risk, ghten controls and lower costs by providing a new, elas c infrastructure that grows and shrinks with the needs of a business. IaaS lets you host all the hardware, so ware, servers and storage you need. This new infrastructure is consistent and uniform in design and makes deployment, upgrades and maintenance much easier to manage. Amazon Web Services (AWS), the leader in IaaS, offers one of the most flexible and highly scalable cloud-compu ng pla orms on the market today. Its popularity and growing user-base was underscored when it surpassed 1 million visitors in November 2014. [1] However, the security required for cloud compu ng demands a much more sophis cated, "hands off" approach than that of the tradi onal on premise data center. For all the benefits the cloud has to offer, there is s ll a lot of uncertainty around: • The level of security provided by cloud vendors • How to iden fy and report on lost or stolen data • The best way to gain visibility into who is accessing cloud data and applica ons Insider a ack by cloud provider administrators 30 23 15 8 0 Data may be lost if the cloud provider goes out of business Mul tenant infrastructure means compe tors might be able to see my workloads or data Unclear liability if there is an a ack and loss data Data may be lost if the cloud service crashes Lack of confidence in the cloud provider's security capabili es The cloud service may be unavailable for extended periods Lack of visibility into who is accessing your data and applica ons Governments may have access to my data without my consent Clouds are a rac ve targets for hackers, they concentrate risk No. of Responders What is your No. 1 issue with security and privacy in public cloud? T H E S TAT E O F C L O U D S E C U R I T Y Infrastructure has changed 02 Figure 1: Gartner Cloud Security Survey

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