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27 CHAPTER 10 Summary & Next Steps Congratula ons for making it this far in the process of se ng up a successful cloud security strategy. By now you should have a much clearer understanding of: • What the cloud security market looks like today • Why it's important to put strategy before tac cs • How point solu ons can trip you up and why you need a comprehensive pla orm • How to apply the SOSTAC methodology to cloud security • Your organiza on's current situa on and objec ves • What the ideal strategy and tac cs look like to achieve your goals • How to deliver on your strategy by choosing the right technology and processes • Why it's so important to regularly evaluate and iterate on your strategy Hopefully you can take the ac onable recommenda ons in this playbook—along with the printable worksheets—and build a cloud security strategy that makes sense for your unique situa on. We'd love to hear about what you learned, what ques ons you have, and how you're implemen ng the lessons we shared here. Send us an email at info@threatstack.com with any comments or ques ons, or Tweet us @threatstack. If you'd like to learn more about the Threat Stack Cloud Security Pla orm™ and how it can be used to achieve many of the objec ves laid out here, please visit www.threatstack.com/pla orm. Copyright © 2016, Threat Stack, Inc. Threat Stack Cloud Security Pla orm™ is a trademark of Threat Stack, Inc. All other trademarks, registered trademarks, or product names are the property of their respec ve owners.

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