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3 CHAPTER 1 Execu ve Summary The cloud security market is expected to be worth more than $12 billion by 2022. Why? Because organiza ons of all sizes are migra ng to the cloud to take advantage of cost savings, efficiency gains, and the flexibility to scale. Of course, fraud, hacking, and malware are prolifera ng just as quickly as the good kind of cloud technology, so security is becoming top priority for organiza ons that want to stay protected while taking full advantage of the benefits of running in the cloud. For a long me, unfortunately, cloud security has been defined more by tools than by strategy. Organiza ons o en cobble together various point solu ons to ck the boxes around security and compliance or to respond reac vely to security incidents. More o en than not, this is done in haste without a real strategy. This, in turn, results in gaping holes in organiza ons' cloud security and compliance postures, leading to serious consequences if an a acker chooses to take advantage. Here's the bo om line: every tool purchased and solu on leveraged needs to fit into a bigger strategy—a strategy that takes into account the unique proper es of the cloud and the various responsibili es an organiza on carries due to its industry regula ons, size, customer profile, and other unique characteris cs. If your organiza on's cloud security posture is driven by point solu ons and lacks an overarching, comprehensive strategy, you simply can't guarantee the complete security and protec on of your data, or that of your customers. In this playbook, the cloud security experts at Threat Stack explain why organiza ons that want to run secure and compliant in the cloud need to: • Start with a strategy-first approach to security • Embrace complete pla orms and processes • Allocate dollars and resources top-down As you read through the playbook, we'll fill you in on the state of cloud security today, show you how to build a successful cloud security strategy from the ground up, and offer a step-by-step guide to running secure and compliant in the cloud, so you can get back to doing what your organiza on does best, whatever that may be.

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