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Table of Contents Chapter 1: Execu ve Summary Chapter 2: Introduc on: The State of Cloud Security in 2016 Challenge One: Legacy Approaches Challenge Two: Time Constraints Challenge Three: Tac cs Before Strategy Pu ng Strategy Before Tac cs Chapter 3: A Template for Your Cloud Security Strategy What SOSTAC Means in the Cloud: Breaking Down the Acronym Chapter 4: Assess Your Current Security Situa on Security Standards Assessment Understand Your Team and Their Needs The Security Stakeholder Matrix Chapter 5: Define Your Organiza on's Cloud Security Objec ves Chapter 6: Write Out Your Strategy Chapter 7: Define Your Tac cs: Security Processes and Protocols Alert Systems Learn to Think Like an A acker: The Cyber Kill Chain The Cyber Kill Chain: A ack and Defense Tac cs in Ac on Workload Security Processes Infrastructure Security Processes Threat Intelligence Processes Chapter 8: Ac on: Finding The Right Technology To Fit Your Strategy Cover Your Bases Add Context to the Equa on Chapter 9: Control: Evaluate and Iterate Chapter 10: Summary & Next Steps

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