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Gaining Granular Security Control with Threat Stack on AWS About OneLogin OneLogin brings efficient and secure application access to the modern enterprise as a leading provider of single sign-on (SSO) and cloud-based identity management tools. Businesses of all sizes use OneLogin to secure enterprise data, while increasing IT administrator and end user efficiencies. Challenges As an Identity and Access Management (IAM) company, OneLogin has a deep-rooted responsibility to secure their applications to the furthest extent. Their customers are often in highly regulated industries like healthcare and online retail and require their data to be secure and protected. To provide an error-proof IAM solution, OneLogin needed complete visibility of activity across its AWS environment. In their previous bare metal data center, OneLogin had challenges surrounding visibility and agility. The lack of visibility made it difficult to audit their configurations regularly to ensure there were no gaps in security. If they identified vulnerabilities, it was difficult and clunky to remediate them in a timely fashion, often because they lacked the context needed to understand where the risks were and how to address them. They also weren't able to efficiently spin up, take down, and replace systems and databases. They wanted this process to be as fast and effortless as possible and their current data center and security monitoring solutions weren't cutting it. Solutions OneLogin decided that it was time to migrate from their on-premises data center to a more flexible environment on Amazon Web Services (AWS). With this move they would need a new cloud security solution, built specifically for auditing, monitoring and investigating cloud- based environments. After scanning the market, OneLogin's CISO, Alvaro Hoyos, chose Threat Stack as their cloud security provider and partner. OneLogin needed complete security visibility across its AWS environment.

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