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Achieving HIPAA Compliance with Threat Stack One tricky requirement when securing healthcare data is that while PII must be protected, security solu ons can't look at the data itself. This means healthcare companies require a solu on that does not need direct access to the data to ensure its security. Threat Stack's unique solu on is designed to do just this. Because Threat Stack's agent lives in your Linux opera ng system, it does not run arbitrary commands, open files (aside from standard required Linux system files), look at network traffic, or create file hashes. Achieving compliance with Threat Stack is fast and easy. Threat Stack provides many powerful tools that help healthcare companies meet HIPAA compliance requirements, including: HIPAA 164.312(b) Audit Controls Implement hardware, so ware, and/or procedural mechanisms that record and examine ac vity in electronic healthcare informa on systems. Threat Stack enables you to comply with this control, as it audits data not only on your server but at the kernel level, too. This means: • Threat Stack not only iden fies when a file with PII is accessed but which process accessed it. • Threat Stack pinpoints when PII is copied off the system and who did it. • Threat Stack audits and uniquely iden fies user access to servers, logins, logoffs, login failures, and commands a user has run a er login as well as processes the user has le to run on the server. HIPAA 164.312(e)(1) Transmission Security Implement technical security measures to guard against unauthorized access to electronic protected health informa on that is being transmi ed over an electronic communica ons network. Threat Stack enables you to comply with this control by: Aler ng you when insecure protocols get used on the server where the data is located. Today's top healthcare companies rely on Threat Stack to secure their cloud environments. The only cloud-na ve con nuous security monitoring solu on that provides instant visibility and automa cally responds to changes in your environment, Threat Stack provides the coverage needed to run secure and compliant, without sacrificing speed and efficiency. TRY THREAT STACK FOR FREE TODAY. Call 617.337.4270 or visit for more informa on.

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