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Our lightweight, cloud-na ve design takes the hassle out of staying protected. Purpose-Built for EC2 Environments Threat Stack arms AWS customers with unique and unparalleled visibility into the processes, users, and network ac vity within your infrastructure so you can know: • Where the security gaps are in your coverage so you can take ac on to reduce your a ack surface. • What a user did on your network and across jump hosts with source and des na on port tracking. • What alerts are highest priority u lizing AWS tags to fit your workflow. • What happened on current (and transient) AWS instances for complete coverage across your AWS infrastructure. Threat Stack provides the ul mate flexibility when it comes to deployment. Since Threat Stack is pla orm agnos c, our agents can run in any Linux environment, whether its on- premise, private cloud, hybrid cloud, or across mul ple public cloud service providers such as AWS, Rackspace, Google's cloud pla orm, IBM's So Layer, or Microso Azure. w p c b g Deep OS Audi ng Make fact-based judgments by examining the trail of logins, processes, network ac vity, and file changes — fed from the opera ng system and enhanced with our backend intelligence. Behavior-based Intrusion Detec on Build up your protec on against zero-day a acks with host-level intrusion detec on based on behavior changes, not a sta c signature list. DVR Capabili es Record, zoom-in, and play back any user's ac ons at any point in me, even if the machine no longer exists, using our TTY meline. Customizable Alerts Create customized alerts around your unique environment. Get no fied when an event takes place and respond knowing who, what, when, and where. File Integrity Monitoring Our event-driven, real- me file integrity monitoring allows you to no ce changes on key files more quickly, and at a lower system resource cost than previously used techniques. DevOps Enabled Deployment Easily deploy agents and improve security coverage with popular configura on management pla orms such as Chef, Puppet, and Ansible. o SEE WHAT YOU'RE MISSING. TRY THREAT STACK FOR FREE TODAY. Call 617.337.4270 or visit for more informa on.

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