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Why Con nuous Security Monitoring Is a Necessity for Healthcare Companies Beyond check boxes: Commi ed to compliance and protec ng sensi ve data. Large-scale disrup on across the healthcare industry today is leading to many incredible developments. Specifically, we are seeing advancements in: • Health Analy cs • Wellness and Fitness Applica ons • Health Management Solu ons • Health Networks These applica ons and pla orms are churning out healthcare data by the terabyte. Health predic ons are being developed to be er diagnose condi ons. Body and health measurements are being recorded to aid in improving fitness regimens and sports players' performance. Pla orms are also being developed to help providers manage costs. Networks are being built to connect healthcare stakeholders and improve communica on during treatments. To support these advancements, healthcare companies are aggressively moving to the cloud (with some even star ng out in the cloud) to take advantage of benefits like cost, scalability and collabora on. But there's one thing that s ll plagues many CEOs and CIOs in this space: cloud security. While most cloud providers offer some level of security for users—AWS being the leader—there is s ll a crucial layer of responsibility that is required by users to ensure absolute protec on of sensi ve data across its life-cycle. Without the right user-access controls and aler ng systems in place to iden fy anomalous behavior, all healthcare data systems are at risk for serious compromise. A con nuous security monitoring solu on allows Fortune 500 companies and startups alike to protect their cloud environments from intrusion and data loss by con nuously monitoring and providing insights into system ac vity. A Progressive Approach to Cloud Security in Healthcare How healthcare companies can implement cloud security to protect sensi ve data. Securing your cloud environment shouldn't prevent your business from running fast. O en, what businesses say slow them down is the difficulty of visualizing issues in their cloud environment when something goes awry. Con nuous monitoring solu ons offer the level of visibility (into processes, users, network ac vity and more) that businesses need in order to operate securely while s ll moving at a high velocity. SEE WHAT YOU'RE MISSING. TRY THREAT STACK FOR FREE TODAY. Call 617.337.4270 or visit for more informa on.

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