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H E R E ' S H O W. . . Customers can use Threat Stack's con nuous security monitoring service, and unparalleled workload visibility, to get real- me insights into zero-day a acks, insider threats, external intrusions, data loss and audit trails to ensure their AWS workloads stay protected, compliant and run opera onally efficient. In parallel, deploying Amazon's AWS Inspector layers the protec on by taking a snapshots of a customer's workload to help them understand where system and file mis-configura ons exist during a single moment in me. These periodic scans can be helpful in providing users with guidance into where they should focus their full- me security efforts. The table on the reverse side details how and when to use each product to ensure maximum security coverage. T H E I N S I D E - O U T A P P R O A C H For comprehensive security in the cloud, it's important to look inside-out to ensure you have the deep level visibility necessary to iden fy insider threats, intrusions, data loss and meet compliance regula ons in AWS. While a layered approach to security is important, we believe it needs to be coupled with the hierarchy of cloud security needs for maximum effec veness. To ensure cloud security that is in-depth and scales, we recommend users not only build their AMIs with the latest packages and follow best prac ces to harden the OS, but also con nuously monitor the run me behavior of the workload to verify opera ons run as they were designed and intended. Inspector helps cloud users check whether their AMIs are built the proper way while Threat Stack enabled organiza ons to iden fy threats in real- me, while building historical audit trails to meet compliance needs, without any gaps in coverage. Security-sensi ve organiza ons running in AWS are under pressure to improve their security posture and ability to meet compliance requirements. Leveraging the AWS pla orm with best-of-breed AWS partners, companies can now sa sfy the requirements needed to scale with confidence using Amazon Inspector and Threat Stack con nuous security monitoring. R E A C H I N G C LO U D S E C U R I T Y I N D E P T H & S C A L E Achieve Stronger Security in the Cloud T H R E AT S TA C K + A M A Z O N I N S P E C T O R S E E W H AT Y O U ' R E M I SS I N G . R E Q U E S T A T R I A L T O D AY . Call 617.337.4270 or visit for more information.

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