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FEATURES AWS INSPECTOR THREAT STACK Protect Files Conduct periodic files scans to iden fy mis-configura ons. Con nuously monitor and track key files in real- me. Get alerted when files are accessed or changed by unauthorized users. Protect cri cal customer data, Intellectual property, passwords, creden als. Iden fy Network Threats Scan for insecure network protocols. Find and alert on abnormal network behavior in real- me. Con nuously monitor and build audit trails on workload network ac vity. Insights Into Processes Scans applica on processes for bad default se ngs. Con nuously monitors, iden fies and alerts on new or abnormal process behavior. Understanding User Ac vity Scans for authen ca on best prac ces on AMI accounts. Con nuously monitor, alert and build audit trails on all user ac vity. Iden fy abnormal user behavior in real me to protect against zero-day and insider threats. How It Runs Runs as a kernel module. Runs in user space. Alerts on kernel module loads (indicator of rootkit ac vity). Real- me Alerts N/A Allows users to review alerts by severity and rule. Easily dismiss/suppress unwanted alerts. Cloud Trail Aler ng N/A Correlate host events with CloudTrail events to get real me threat alerts. Managed Security Services N/A Subscribe to Threat Stack Oversight to take advantage of our worry-free managed security service and free up internal resources. Vulnerability Scanning Scan installed opera ng system packages for a pre-determined list of CVEs. N/A This table details how and when to use each product to ensure maximum security coverage.

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