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JOINT SOLUTION BRIEF JASK and Threat Stack: A Safer Cloud Environment Threat Stack and JASK help security opera ons teams reduce the me and effort needed to detect and respond to security incidents across cloud infrastructure. With Threat Stack, customers get deep visibility into security telemetry from cloud infrastructure and applica ons. When paired with the JASK ASOC pla orm, Threat Stack alerts will be fused with addi onal contextual events and data to automate the correla on and analysis of threats and enable analysts to become proac ve threat hunters, reduce the me of inves ga ons, and run new inves ga ons driven by business insights. APPLICATIONS ORCHESTRATION CONTAINERS HOST VM CLOUD MANAGEMENT CONSOLE Cloud Security Platform Webhook RAW DATA ENHANCED TELEMETRY THREAT STACK CLOUD SIEM JASK Rest API Other 3 rd party sources Threat Stack: Full Stack Security Observability Threat Stack gathers telemetry from across your cloud workloads, including Linux and Windows, container orchestra on, and applica ons, aler ng you of suspicious, malicious, and risky behavior. Threat Stack takes a behavioral-based approach to intrusion detec on — not signature-based — so it can detect early signs of a breach, even if the a acker or a ack vector is unknown. Because Threat Stack was built exclusively for highly automated cloud-na ve environments, it scales up and down with your business needs and does not create fric on for your teams. Key benefits of Threat Stack and JASK: JASK ASOC: Cloud-Native SIEM The JASK Autonomous Security Opera ons Center (ASOC) Pla orm is modernizing security opera ons by giving analysts priori zed and contextualized threat data — thus removing the technology limita ons that burden SOC speed and effort to stop compromises. As an open, cloud-na ve framework, the JASK ASOC Pla orm has auto-scaling capabili es that adapt to peaks in event data and volume to streamline inves ga ons. Addi onally, JASK's open, flexible architecture built for big data analy cs, integrates to virtually any exis ng solu on, automa ng parsing of massive amounts of data and suppor ng analyst workflows to improve the efficiency of manual triage efforts. JASK and Threat Stack Enhanced Visibility Delivers context across users, network, alerts, devices, and applica ons, priori zing the informa on needed to speed response mes. Improved Productivity Automates the manual, repe ve valida on tasks that limit efficiency, freeing analysts to make advancements in iden fying new threats. Unlimited Scalability Supports growth with a cloud-na ve, open source, and big data architecture. Focused Workflows Enables analysts to perform high- value, risk-reduc on ac vi es like threat hun ng, response, and remedia on. Advanced Insights Groups related threat signals into JASK Insights using the power of AI and the cloud, allevia ng manual triage efforts. THE THREAT STACK AGENT COLLECTS:

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