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Cloud Service Evaluation Checklist for Selecting Cloud Service Providers PURPOSE WHO WO R K S H E E T Use this checklist to start evalua ng the suitability of one or more Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) for your organiza on. You and your team need a detailed knowledge of your organiza on's business, technical, and opera onal needs in order to select the best CSP or CSPs. The following criteria will help guide your assessment. As appropriate, add, modify, and delete detail to make the assessment thorough and specific to your company's requirements. 1. Security Iden fy your specific security goals. Ask detailed ques ons related to your unique use cases, industry, regulatory requirements, and other concerns you have. Iden fy the security visibility each CSP offers. How well do they match your requirements? Iden fy the mechanisms they use to protect your applica ons and data. Iden fy what the CSP is responsible for and what your organiza on is responsible for (shared responsibility model). 2. Compliance Make sure the CSP can help you meet compliance standards applicable to your industry and organiza on. Iden fy your organiza on's responsibili es and which aspects of compliance the CSP will be responsible for. Determine what it will take to achieve compliance once your applica ons and data are live in a public cloud infrastructure. 3. Architecture Determine how a CSP's architecture will be incorporated into your workflows now and as you grow. How will this impact your build pipeline and tools? Consider cloud storage architectures. While the three major vendors have similar architectures and offer mul ple types of storage, each has different types of archival storage. Each has op ons for storing and retrieving data frequently vs. infrequently (hot vs. cool storage). 4. Management Determine how much me and effort your team will need to manage various aspects of your cloud infrastructure. Determine what orchestra on tools and integra ons each CSP supports. Selec ng one or mul ple CSPs that are right for your organiza on can be complicated: • No two CSPs offer the same services, func onality, pricing models, etc. • More companies are adop ng a mul -cloud strategy to achieve cost savings, reduce risk of vendor lock-in, enable data portability, and so on. Having a more granular understanding of the specifics of each provider is more important than ever.

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