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D ATA S H E E T Threat Stack gives you full stack security observability across your cloud workloads, with the flexibility to consume your data where you want it. Cloud Security Signals, Delivered Your Way Consume, analyze, and respond — wherever your team works. Threat Stack pulls cloud security telemetry from each layer of your stack — from your infrastructure control plane to your hosts and containers — and then makes it available to you to consume in your security tool chain. You can benefit from low cost storage, deeper forensic capabili es, highly automated response workflows, and more. "Most security teams are looking for ways to better utilize their data so they can make more informed decisions and better remediate risk. Exporting contextual information directly to Amazon S3 storage buckets will [helps] customers gain access to their data and manage it how they see fit." JON OLTSIK Senior Principal Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group " " TWO WAYS TO INTEGRATE WITH YOUR TOOLCHAIN: Export to Amazon S3 Bucket Directly export security telemetry to and benefit from the low cost of storage. RESTful and Webhook APIs Receive and respond to alerts in real me in your exis ng toolchain. Amazon Web Services MONITOR THREAT STACK CLOUD SECURITY PL ATFORM® ANALYZE RESPOND DEPLOY C O N T A I N E R O R C H E S T R A T I O N I N F R A S T R U C T U R E C O N T R O L P L A N E C O N T A I N E R S H O S T Kubernetes Docker EC2 Hosts S3 Data Lake SIEM MSSP Ticketing SIEM CHATOps SOAR Forensics + Analytics Incident Response + Orchestration Workflow Threat Stack API 1 2 3 4 AWS API Integration Containerized Agent Host-Deployed Agent { { API Analytics

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