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1 W H I T E PA P E R Security Challenges in a Changing Cloud Inf rastructure T H R E AT S TA C K Security Challenges in a Changing Cloud Inf rastructure 1 T H R E AT S TA C K WHITE PAPER The new layers of cloud security Threat Stack was founded in 2012 to help a new wave of companies secure applica ons powered almost en rely by cloud providers like AWS. It had been six years since EC2 launched. While DevOps and reliability engineering were quickly becoming established fields, the cybersecurity industry of 2012 s ll had old baggage to shed. Today, a shi toward more abstracted, shorter- lived infrastructure is changing the way companies develop and ship so ware for cloud environments but also impacts the way they need to be secured. This paper looks at how changes to infrastructure affect security and introduce opportuni es to work faster within exis ng DevOps systems. Since 2014, Threat Stack has been in produc on with customers. We have first-hand experience securing cloud infrastructure — with unique insight into operator behavior and underlying opera ng system ac vity — and how it is evolving over me. About Threat Stack

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