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6 | The Total Economic Impact™ Of Threat Stack IMPROVED SCALABILITY AND PRODUCTIVITY › Improved scalability. A senior director of IS and compliance for call center technology told Forrester: "When we first implemented Threat Stack, we were a security team of two managing a small number of server instances. We're now a team of six, but with the number of server instances we're now managing, I would have had to hire an additional six security engineers just to keep up with the growth of our company; Threat Stack allowed us to scale more efficiently." › Reduced false positives. A lead security SRE for a digital product design platform said: "We don't see nearly as many false positives as before. And when we do get them, we're able to get to the root cause very quickly — a matter of minutes as opposed to hours." › Avoided need to hire additional headcount. A software development manager of CRM technology stated: "Finding security talent is difficult. There's not enough out there for the demand. Threat Stack professional services solved this problem for us; the SecOps program has been like having a security expert as an extension of our team." IMPROVED COMPLIANCE LEADING TO INCREASED REVENUE OPPORTUNITIES › Less effort for audit compliance activities. A lead security SRE for a digital product design platform told Forrester: "We recently went through an audit. The first time we did this audit, it was a week-long effort as far as me providing artifacts. And this time, with Threat Stack? I had the whole thing wrapped up in a couple hours." › Reduced sales cycle. A CISO for a data management platform said: "These days, a prospective client's second question is 'How secure is your platform?' With Threat Stack, I'm able to provide those assurances right away, and we're able to move along the sales cycle much faster than with our previous solution." › Increased revenue. A CISO for a data management platform told Forrester: "We were able to triple our revenue in two years, solely because we are now able to sell to these massive customers where we were failing audits before. Threat Stack played a key role in enabling that revenue growth by helping us reach, maintain, and prove our compliance both to auditors and customers." "That audit question — 'Prove to me you investigated all your anomalies' — that used to take two days. Now, with Threat Stack, it takes my dev guy 11 minutes to run that report." CISO, data management platform "Threat Stack is allowing us to unequivocally prove our security posture to customers, and that is directly leading to revenue generation." Lead security SRE, digital product design platform

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