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4 | The Total Economic Impact™ Of Threat Stack The Threat Stack Customer Journey BEFORE AND AFTER THE THREAT STACK INVESTMENT Interviewed Organizations For this study, Forrester conducted four interviews with Threat Stack customers. Interviewed customers include the following: Key Challenges Before Threat Stack Before the investment in Threat Stack, interviewees described the following challenges with their previous solutions: › Lack of visibility and focus on important issues. A software development manager of CRM technology stated: "Our previous solution was like a firehose; there was no way to identify what we should actually work on. On top of that, it didn't even have visibility into the type of information we're now able to get with Threat Stack." › Too many false positives. A CISO for a data management platform said: "One of the alternatives we looked at resulted in so many false positives, it was unusable. We were constantly chasing false positive ghosts." › Inability to scale. A senior director of IS and compliance for call center technology told Forrester: "Our previous solution had a hard limit on the number of server instances it could manage. Our business was getting to the point where we needed to build up a thousand servers in a couple days, tear them down, and then rebuild them; there was no way to continue scaling our business if we didn't change our cloud security solution." › Missed revenue opportunities. A CISO for a data management platform told Forrester: "We're not a regulated company so we thought we had little need for audits and proving security assurances. We were wrong; I started seeing companies miss their quarterlies because they couldn't have a convincing conversation around the security of their software. Turns out, when you show your customers secure software, they'll buy more of it." INDUSTRY REVENUE INTERVIEWEE PROTECTED BY THREAT STACK Data management platform $10 million Chief information security officer (CISO) 400 organizations Call center technology $1 billion Senior director, information security (IS) and compliance 6,000 cloud server instances per day Digital product design platform $100 million Lead security site reliability engineer (SRE) 3,500 cloud server instances per day Customer relationship management (CRM) technology $2 million Software development manager 40 cloud server instances per day; 200,000 personally identifiable information (PII) records "Our previous solution wasn't catching everything. There was a security incident that we found purely by happenstance, weeks after the fact. This would have been identified immediately with Threat Stack." Software development manager, CRM technology "Security visibility is everything. You have nothing without security visibility; it's your one job." CISO, data management platform

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