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13 | The Total Economic Impact™ Of Threat Stack The table above shows the total of all costs across the areas listed below, as well as present values (PVs) discounted at 10%. Over three years, the composite organization expects risk-adjusted total costs to have a PV of $335,797. Implementation risk is the risk that a proposed investment may deviate from the original or expected requirements, resulting in higher costs than anticipated. The greater the uncertainty, the wider the potential range of outcomes for cost estimates. Analysis Of Costs QUANTIFIED COST DATA AS APPLIED TO THE COMPOSITE Cost 1: Threat Stack Costs Interviewed organizations described license and professional services costs associated with their Threat Stack solution. For the composite organization, Forrester models: › A $36,000 annual license fee for Threat Stack. › A $60,000 annual professional services fee for Threat Stack. This yields an annual cost of $96,000, and a total three-year PV of $238,738. Cost 2: Implementation And Ongoing Internal Costs Interviewed organizations described implementation and ongoing labor costs associated with the deployment and fine-tuning of Threat Stack. While initial deployment was quick, the composite organization decided to set aside a discrete amount of effort to fine-tune its Threat Stack solution over the course of six months. Implementation and ongoing internal costs can vary due to uncertainty related to: › Effort associated with fine-tuning the solution. › Maintenance effort. Total Costs REF. COST INITIAL YEAR 1 YEAR 2 YEAR 3 TOTAL PRESENT VALUE Etr Threat Stack costs $0 $96,000 $96,000 $96,000 $288,000 $238,738 Ftr Implementation and ongoing internal costs $79,488 $7,066 $7,066 $7,066 $100,685 $97,059 Total costs (risk-adjusted) $79,488 $103,066 $103,066 $103,066 $388,685 $335,797 Cost 1: Threat Stack Costs Calculation Table REF. METRIC CALC. INITIAL YEAR 1 YEAR 2 YEAR 3 E1 License costs Composite organization $36,000 $36,000 $36,000 E2 Professional services costs Composite organization $60,000 $60,000 $60,000 Et Threat Stack costs E1+E2 $96,000 $96,000 $96,000 Risk adjustment 0% Etr Threat Stack costs (risk-adjusted) $96,000 $96,000 $96,000

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