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12 | The Total Economic Impact™ Of Threat Stack Unquantified Benefits While the interviewed organizations observed strong and quantifiable benefits by using Threat Stack, they experienced significant qualitative benefits as well. These could potentially be quantified in a financial analysis if given the appropriate data and metrics. › Increased revenue. A lead security SRE for a digital product design platform told Forrester, "Because Threat Stack enabled us to pursue and prove compliance to various standards, we were able to enter the healthcare, finance, and government markets, in addition to large internet-based corporations as well." › Increase in cybersecurity insurance coverage limits and reduction in insurance premiums. A CISO for a data management platform stated: "Our insurance auditors came in, and we were able to prove our security posture with them as well. And, imagine this, the actuaries actually increased our coverage while decreasing our premiums." › Improved security culture. A software development manager of CRM technology told Forrester: "Threat Stack has effected a culture change at our organization. Because of the immediate feedback we receive through the alerts, our developers are becoming more security-conscious." › Nonsecurity benefits enabled by the visibility provided by Threat Stack. A lead security SRE for a digital product design platform said: "Because of the visibility provided into our environment, Threat Stack is used for more than just security. For example, we're able to troubleshoot issues in our environment much more quickly; with DNS alerting enabled, there have been instances where we were able to significantly reduce the length of an outage because of the information we had available via Threat Stack." "Our security posture overall has increased because Threat Stack has inadvertently become a user education tool. That's a big benefit." Lead security SRE, digital product design platform

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