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CORPORATE OVERVIEW Security Observability and Incident Detection for Cloud Infrastructure Working with Threat Stack provides us with the expertise, tools, and roadmap we need to keep our team aligned while executing an effective cloud security strategy. Threat Stack's highly experienced Security Engineers work with our Security and Operations teams to optimize the company's platform so we can best leverage its automation, real-time alerting, and investigative capabilities for our unique environment. KEN LEESER CISO at Chrome River " " $_u;-|"|-1ho@;uv|;1_moѴo]-m7v;ub1;v|o_;Ѵr1v|ol;uv-1_b;;1Ѵo7v;1ub| -m71olrѴb-m1;]o-Ѵvĺ$_;ruorub;|-u$_u;-|"|-1hѴo7";1ub|Ѵ-oul ® ruob7;v umঞl;bm=u-v|u1|u;bvb0bѴb|-1uovv|_;_ov|ķ1om|-bm;uķ-m71Ѵo71om|uoѴrѴ-m;b|_ -1ঞom-0Ѵ;1om|;||olomb|ou=ouķ7;|;1|ķ-m7u;vrom7|ov;1ub|bm1b7;m|vĺ$o;m-0Ѵ; |;-lv11;vvķ$_u;-|"|-1ho@;uv-v;ub;vo=v;ub1;v1-ѴѴ;7|_;$_u;-|"|-1hѴo7 ";1rvuo]u-l SM ķ_b1_ruob7;vv|-@-]l;m|-ঞomb|_v;1ub|;r;u|v|o]b7; 1v|ol;uv;1ub|v|u-|;]ķruob7;u;-ѴŊঞl;lomb|oubm]o=1v|ol;ubm=u-v|u1|u;ķ -m7m1o;uh;l;|ub1v-m7|u;m7v|_-|=ov|;uv;1ub|]o-Ѵvĺ KEY BENEFITS Detect & Respond to Security Incidents !;71;|_;ubvho=0u;-1_ 07;|;1ঞm]v;1ub|bm1b7;m|v -m7l-Ѵb1bov0;_-bou Achieve Compliance mvu;1olrѴb-m1;=ou"Ƒķ !ķķķ"ƑƕƏƏƐķ -m7"*ƓƏƓ Secure Containerized Environments omb|ouou1om|-bm;ub;7 ;mbuoml;m|=ouubvh-m7 -mol-Ѵov0;_-bou Scale Your Business Securely omĽ|vѴo7om ;rvĸ -11;Ѵ;u-|;v-Ѵ;v0ruobm] oĽu;v;1u; THREAT STACK IS TRUSTED BY THE MOST INNOVATIVE COMPANIES TECHNOLOGY $_u;-|"|-1hѴo7";1ub|Ѵ-oul SERVICES Threat Stack Cloud SecOps Program omb|ou=ou -m7!;vrom7|o ";1ub|Ѵ;u|v &m7;uv|-m7$u;m7v -m7uo-1ঞ;Ѵ !;71;!bvh bѴ7-"|u-|;] -m7;-vu; uo]u;vv

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